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EN: "It’s not what Hologram Earth takes and adapts from other bands that matters, but how they use those influences to form what is their own sound; the final product. Everything is blended so well to create a cohesive sound. It’s the difference between drinking a flavorful blended smoothie and eating the ingredients of it one at a time."

Zware metalen

NL: "Top progressieve metal, die je wat mij betreft nu al in het rijtje van Leprous en consorten kunt scharen. Black Cell Program grijpt je bij de keel en laat pas na 44 minuten weer los. Chapeau, ik ben fan."

the PROG mind

EN: "Hologram Earth has produced an album of meticulous art here. It's haunting and dark, but bright and beautiful, too."

Lords of Metal

NL: "'Black Cell Program' klinkt strak en modern (de mastering werd gedaan door Jens Bogren) en laat weinig te wensen over. Ook van belang is het gastoptreden van Jørgen Munkeby (Shining (NO)) met een wervelende saxofoon solo. Moderne progressieve metalfans opgelet:. Hologram Earths ster zal ongetwijfeld stijgen."

Progressive Music Planet

EN: "'Black Cell Program' is a fascinating album which hopefully is just the start of the journey for this band. It's clear to me that they could really go in any direction!"

Redactie TIP

NL: "Prachtig. Hologram Earth geeft het genre een paar frisse impulsen. Gecombineerd met prima composities leidt dat tot een sterk album."


NL: "For progressive metal fans ‘Black Cell Program’ is a must have, but also for metalheads who wanna step out of their comfort zone. Textures is history, Hologram Earth is the future!"

the Progspace

EN: "The quality of the first five songs from 'Black Cell Program' is already staggering and should put Hologram Earth on the radar of every avid lover of modern extreme prog metal that is willing to stray from the well-trodden path in search for new horizons."

Man of much Metal

NL: "'Black Cell Program' is a very well thought out album, bursting with ideas and with an evident talent to match the ambition. Put it high on your 'to listen' list if you're a fan of modern progressive metal in any shape or form."

the Ukulele blog

EN: "There's so much talent here. I love the variety and creativity of the whole package from artwork right through to the meticulous mixing. This is the beginning of great things... you mark my words!"


EN: "If I would say 'This sounds a little bit like Meshuggah', many of you would assume that this is some kind of djenty music, which isn't the case. Instead, Hologram Earth are noisey, rough, experimental and with Thordendal/Holdsworth melody work."